The professional organization for the residential provider.

About the California Residential Services Association

We are a grass-roots organization. CRSA gets news to you faster than any other provider organization. (If you change your email, be sure to let us know as that is how your newsletter will be delivered).

Over the years, CRSA has been instrumental in making many changes – for instance, at one time once a client became 60 they had to move to an RCFE regardless of their health or desire to remain in the ARF. Through mail and many phone calls with DSS, this was changed. Negotiations with the IRS by CRSA made it possible for owner-operators to use Section 131 of the IRS code for doing income tax, saving much money in income tax payments.

You must be a member to be eligible for a discounted rate for CEU classes.

CRSA is the only association just for providers of residential care to the developmentally disabled (GH, ARF, or RCFE) with a newsletter from the point of view of the provider.

We do accept membership from other licensed providers such as Group Home, Mental Health Administrators, and RCFE Administrators who aren’t working with developmentally disabled residents – DSS news covers everyone.

Dues: For the first facility, no matter how many clients: $120.

For multiple facilities, $145.

If you represent an agency you may subscribe to CRSA’s newsletter for $35. (A facility owner or administrator is not an agency. Residential service providers must be members of CRSA to receive the newsletter).