The professional organization for the residential provider.
Keeping Up-to-Date With Everything

Keeping Up-to-Date With Everything

California Residential Services Association

CRSA represents providers of residential service to children, adults and seniors, especially those who are caring for persons with developmental disabilities.

CRSA is dedicated to helping providers know their rights and how to use them.

Through the CRSA monthly newsletter and E-mail news, we will publish the latest news from Sacramento, the Departments of Developmental and Social Services, and how that news relates to your business of providing residential care and training.

CRSA reports on trends which may affect your business and suggest ways to use these trends to your advantage.

New regulations are discussed and what these regulations really mean. Providers' problems, solutions, and suggested solutions are published in the newsletter as well.

Continuing Education is provided that is relevant to providers of groups homes, adult residential facilities and residential care facilities regardless of the types of clients served.

Why You Should Consider Joining CRSA

California Residential Services Association is worth joining in order to get the newsletter. This is the only newsletter about residential care from the point-of-view of the provider.

Yes, you’ll learn about new regulations—but also what they will actually mean to you and your business.

You’ll also be brought up to date about things your regional center will never tell you.

Are there things you ought to be doing that you aren’t? Remember, ignorance is never an accepted excuse.

Include your email address when you sign up, and you’ll receive any breaking news—and if there is anything you can do to help change things.

You can email the editor and ask for specific topics to be discussed or questions answered. (The editor is knowledgeable on both Title 22 and Title 17 regulations.)

Regulations and requirements for residential care are constantly changing, stay in the know by becoming a member of CRSA.